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Below: The different types of finish is listed directly above the lizard tail.


The lizards are created from different metals, using various coatings, which affect the colour or hue of the finished piece and it's durability:

  • Stainless steel lightly polished, bright metal colour, excellent in wet areas.

  • Mild steel, powder coated clear. Captures nice highlights of the creative process. Standard pricing.

  • Mild steel with a rustic patina, coated in acrylic resin. Standard pricing.

  • Mild Steel , powder coated black. Standard pricing.

  • Mild steel with chrome plating, bright shiny metal surface, good in wet areas (no photo example).






Door Handle Lizard, Large


Length: approx. 51 cm (Depending on the wiggle), Width: back toe end to  back toe end: approx. 14.5 cm, Height: Approx 4.6cm

  Door handle Lizard, Small   Length: approx. 35 cm, Width: 15 cm, Height: approx. 4.1cm

Door knocker Lizard


Height: approx. 33 cm, width: 17 cm


Doorstopper Lizard


Height: approx. 67 cm, length: 31 cm, width: 28 cm


Edge Lizard




Freestanding Loo Roll Holder


Height: approx 65 cm


Garden Hose holder Lizard


Finishes: Powder coated or acrylic coated


Glass Table


Height: approx. 55 cm, table diameter: 45 cm


Hanger Lizard


Height: approx. 40 cm, width: 40 cm, distance of the wall approx. 15 cm - 3 hanging points


Hook Lizards 1, 2 3


Smaller than loo lizard


Lantern Lizard


Height: approx. 25 cm, width: 20 cm along body


Large Lizard


Length: approx. 72 cm, width: 25 cm


Lizard Stool


Height: approx. 60 cm, seat diameter: 23.5, depth: 38 cm


Loo/Toilet Roll Lizard


Height: approx. 25 cm, width: 30 cm

  Key Lizard   Height: approx. 24 cm, width 23 cm

Running Candle Lizard




Running Lizard with dish


Height: approx. 25 cm, width: 25 cm, depth: 15 cm

  Paper towel lizard, Free standing   Height: Approx 16 cm, length approx 26cm, fits standard paper towel rolls
  Plant Lizard   Height: approx. 25, width 17cm, out of the wall approx. 23 cm

Sitting Candle Lizard




Small Lizards


Length: approx. 46 cm, width: 16 cm


Spare Loo Roll Holder Lizard


Height: approx. 65 cm, width: 23 cm

  Towel Lizard   From left foot to tail end: Approx 44cm, Distance from the wall to outer edge of tail: Approx. 9cm

Wine Bottle Lizard


Height: approx. 25 cm, width: 22 cm, depth: 10 cm


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