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Lizard family

   Hi from Zard! 
   That's what the people who took me call me. After leaving Deloraine they 
   took me on a journey around Tasmania. I got to see many sights, meet some of 
   the local wildlife, lazed away in the sunshine. Then I went on a 
   journey across the sea to a strange new land. They took me to their home where 
   they let me run free and find new spots to laze around. I meet all their    
   friends & tell them the story of how I was created. They all 
   like me so much. I have attached some photos of some of my travels. 
   Bye from Zard.



Other lizards around the world:





Garden Hose Holder Lizard

Fire Poker Lizard

Plant Lizards, Edge Lizards and Small Lizards

Door knocker

Small Door Handle Lizards

Free Standing Loo Lizard

Large door Handle Lizards and Door Knocker

Rustic Patina

Garden Hose Holder

Bottle Lizard

Door Knocker and Bell Lizard

Loo Lizard

Running Candle Lizards

Stainless Spunky Lizard

Rustic Door Knocker Lizard

Hanger Lizards

Lizards on house

Lizard Shelfs

Large Lizard

Large Lizard

Costom Door Handle Lizards

Costum Lizard Table Base

Costumer provided the timber top

Bell Lizard